Rating Experts 705
  • Who are they, the experts who decide what is hot and what is not in the world of new and uprising ICOs? Check the list of reputable advisors and experts who work on the development of ICO Monitoring project.
  • Tokens offerings and ICO’s are highly speculative in nature. We help our readers assess risk by systematically reviewing the actual teams behind offerings, using structured criteria. Our analysts look into the backgrounds of team members, especially ones with prior business and ICO experience.
  • Transparency is a key factor in our reviews, including responsiveness to our inquiries about the projects we examine. We do evaluate marketing efforts, as well as social media and community engagement. However, skill, flashiness and buzz in presentation videos, and such, weigh less than willingness to be forthcoming, about what we previously pointed out as key factors.
  • In short, ICO Monitoring caters to journalists, analysts, and enthusiasts or anyone spectating this ecosystem as a game of fantasy football. We’re also interested in your feedback, especially if you feel anything we publish comes off as dubious or misleading.